About Youth Service

The Youth Service aims to get young people into education, training or work-based learning. This will help young people gain the skills to find a job and have an independent future.

Young people work with community-based providers who give guidance, support and encouragement to help them find the education, training or work-based learning that works.

Youth Service offers guidance and practical support to young people. It is about stepping in early to help build potential through education, training or work-based learning.

Financial assistance and obligations

Some young people will work with a Youth Service provider as part of getting financial support from Work and Income. This includes young people who are receiving Youth Payment, Young Parent Payment or are a young partner receiving a main Work and Income benefit.

If you're receiving financial support, and are referred to the Youth Service, you'll have to meet some youth activity obligations to keep getting your payments.

if you don't have a good reason for not meeting these youth activity obligations, your payment will be reduced or stopped.