Online Services

Work and Income offer clients a number of online services. These services are also available from their self-service kiosks in their service centres.

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New Login from 2 December

To access My Account or to apply online from 2 December 2013, clients will need to:

  • login using a RealMe login - their old login username and password won't work
  • set up their My Account using a One-Time Password from Work and Income.

New RealMe login

RealMe is the new secure way for New Zealanders to access services and prove their identity online.

It’s easy to get a RealMe login – clients will get the option to create one when they click on an online service which needs a login.

Clients will need an email address and a mobile number to get a RealMe login. RealMe will text them a security code each time they login, which they enter as part of logging in.

To set up their My Account, clients will need to:

  • be, or have been, a client of Work and Income or a Youth Service provider
  • have an email address and mobile phone listed with Work and Income
  • have a RealMe login
  • get a one-time password from Work and Income to get started.

The one-time password is only needed the first time they login to My Account. It will be sent to them by text. They'll be asked to enter it after they have logged in using RealMe.

To get their one-time password they can either:

  • call Work and Income on 0800 559 009
  • visit Work and Income and bring their Community Services Card or identification that they have given Work and Income before.

New features in My Account from 2 December

With the new features in My Account, clients can now:

  • check what they might get
  • apply for financial assistance
  • declare their income
  • check their payment details
  • view their Payment Card balance and transactions
  • change their bank account
  • change their address or accommodation costs
  • update their contact details
  • tell Work and Income if they’re going overseas
  • stop any payments from Work and Income.